WHC Spring Scholarship Winner Announced

WHC scholarship winner

We are proud to announce the Spring winner of our WHC $500 Scholarship award, Erin Carlie, who attends Clark College in Vancouver, Washington.

WHC scholarship winner

This time around we decided to have a bit of fun using Vine. We asked content applicants to create a Vine video of an Easter Bunny or Leprechaun sighting. The object was to catch a glimpse of them in the act.

Creativity was the key here and we watched a lot of Vines trying to find one that captured an idea executed with creativity. We wanted to find something really different. As you can see, Erin used stop-motion claymation with live action to create the Easter Bunny getting caught, literally!

There was a lot of time and thought put into this and this is what made it stand out. When we asked Erin about her inspiration for the project, this is what she had to say:

My thought process behind the vine was really just a sudden stroke of inspiration. I don’t personally have a lot of background with claymation, however, I used my prior experience with clay and animation. I’ve been messing around with clay since before I was in grade school, so creating things with clay isn’t such a huge deal. But animating it was! I’m a novice when it comes to animation. In the future I hope to either be an illustrator or maybe even an archaeologist.

We hope our Wholesale Halloween Costumes $500 Scholarship will help Erin cover the cost of books and other expenses. Congratulations!

Our next scholarship contest will be to compose a short story for Twitter in exactly 100 characters. You pick the subject matter and choose your words wisely because spaces count too! Get all of the details on our WHC Scholarship Page.