WHC Fall 2014 Scholarship Winner Announced


Wholesale Halloween Costumes is pleased to announce Rebecca Lattimer as our Fall 2014 Scholarship Winner for the best pumpkin carving. The criteria for this contest was creativity and overall appearance while following all of the required rules for formatting her images, showing progressions of her work and submitting the entry before the deadline. Look at the images below to see how she created “The Cheshire Cat with Alice In Wonderland” pumpkin carving and read her quote about the inspiration behind her creation.Image of Rebecca Lattimer

“I love art. I’ve drawn/painted my whole life, and I even majored in Graphic Design for a few semesters before I realized that my true calling was to teaching children. While this will be my “job” once I graduate from college, art still remains a huge passion of mine. My imagination fuels my teaching, and I create every chance I get. A few years ago I joined in with the pumpkin carving tradition and got myself a cheap kit from the dollar store. This kit has remained my trusty pumpkin carving companion ever since, and was what I used to carve my pumpkin for this contest as well!”

Pumpkin content winner progress shot

Rebecca started by sketching her design on both sides.

Rebecca carving her design

Rebecca carving her design for the Scholarship contest.

Pumpkin Carving in Progress

The rear side of the pumpkin shown in stages.

“Brainstorming in and of itself took a good thirty minutes. Once I’d sketched up what I wanted, it took me another two hours to carve the pumpkin from start to finish. I wanted to do something cute, but still slightly creepy. I’d seen pumpkins that were double sided, with a detailed image on the front and a silhouette of something related to it projected on the wall in the back. Being a bit of a competitive perfectionist, I decided to do just that. I chose to carve that infamous Cheshire Cat smile because, while he’s incredibly spooky, he’s also very likable and silly. I picked the Cat from the newest Alice in Wonderland movie since his gray, toothy grin is slightly more unnerving than that of his purple predecessor. Behind his eerie smile, his scheming eyes watch Alice as she wanders through the forest, resting her hand on the branch of a tree. The other hand is stretched wistfully beside her as she explores a Wonderland that is both marvelous and entirely insane.

Finished pumpkin carving

The finished pumpkin carving shows the Cheshire Cat on the front and the silhouette of Alice in Wonderland reflected on the wall behind it.

“I loved the idea of carving an image of both beauty and dread into my pumpkin. After all, isn’t that just how life is? Others may watch with gleaming eyes, reveling in your stumbles, but there is a light and a wonder inside you that can outshine any circumstance. Believe in yourself and pursue your passions. The whole world can be your wonderland.”

We love her idea too!

Our next scholarship will a Facebook Cover Image Contest. Once again, we will award a $500 cash prize to one winner whose original work will be judged on overall appearance, creativity and quality. Scholarship contests are offer three to four times per year.