WHC Announces Spring Scholarship Winner


This time around we decided to do our jingle contest again. Our entrants this year were vastly different from one another in style and theme. It was a blast listening to all of them and really hard to pick a winner…but here his is!

We are pleased to announce that Logan Kozlic of Hartland, WI, and a student at California Polytechnic State University is our winner!


Logan Kozlik, 2015 WHC Jingle Scholarship Winner

Logan shared his inspiration and creativity with us by saying:
“My main inspiration for this jingle came directly from the Wholesale Halloween Costumes website. I just wanted to show the diversity of the store by including the different categories of items that the site has. Therefore, I based the lyrics off of the tabs on the upper portion. I used the program Mixcraft 5 as an audio recording program. From writing the lyrics to mixing down the final audio, it took me about 4 hours. I first wrote the lyrics and practiced on the piano; then, I recorded each piece of the jingle. I have played piano since I was 7, but I am also classically trained on the alto saxophone. A few years ago I joined a band where I picked up the guitar as well. Music has always been a talent/interest of mine. I’ve played in the school ensembles and marching band as well as creating music outside of school by myself. Next year I will be attending California Polytechnic State University (freshman), majoring in Architecture. After I’m out of school, I hope to join an architectural firm to help in building the buildings of the future.”
Now, you can listen to his catchy $500 winning ditty here:



Congratulations Logan! We hope that you can put your award to good use. Good luck at school and in your future career in architecture.

For anyone interested in entering to win a $500 Scholarship, the next one will be a MEME contest. We are looking for imagination, creativity, and humor. If you think you’ve got something that can make us laugh then go for it and enter. You could be the next recipient of our scholarship award. The deadline for submissions is August 12, 2015.