Biggest hits for Halloween This Year


The unofficial results are in. Based on rough sales numbers, we can share which costumes were the biggest hits this Halloween season. Surely favorites vary from place to place and store to store, but here were the costumes that our customers couldn’t get enough of.

And the winner is…

Angry Bird Costumes
Angry Birds! If you have a smartphone, you’ve surely spent your share of hours playing with this addictive application. Therefore, it’s no surprise that so many folks chose to bring Angry Birds to life this Halloween. This costume was so popular that it sold out completely before Halloween hit.

The runners up

Movies provided the inspiration for many of the other most popular costumes.

Smurf Costumes
Smurfs: With the release of the 3-D version of this classic cartoon, interest in the Smurfs was renewed. The fun and attention that comes along with painting your body blue likely contributed to the popularity of these costumes. Groups could also have fun with this costume, as there are many characters that are similar, but just different enough to make a great group costume.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The ongoing film series starring Johnny Depp has been a favorite among moviegoers and costume-wearers. Since Halloween is a time to act like something you’re not, taking on the swashbuckling persona of Jack Sparrow is an attractive option for many.

Captain America Costumes
Captain America: A compelling revision of this comic book character sparked new interest in the costumes, specifically among kids. Both the new version of the costume in the movie and the original comic book design are classic in their own ways, making it a sure hit.

Which costumes were the most popular at your Halloween festivities this year?