Horrifying Weapons to Keep You “Killing It”


Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees may look creepy with their scary costumes, but no killer is complete without a weapon to slice and dice his or her victims. With so many machetes, butcher knives and axes to choose from, Wholesale Halloween Costumes helps you narrow down your choices to keep you killing it — figuratively speaking, of course — this Halloween.

Leatherface’s Chainsaw; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

chainsawYou don’t have to live in Texas to wear the duds of Leatherface. This 27 inch chainsaw features a neat rusted and bloody design to enhance your killer costume. You’ll love channeling the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre killer as you scare trick or treaters this Halloween.

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Freddy Krueger’s Weapons; A Nightmare on Elm Street

freddy krueger

1…2…Freddy’s coming for you. Now you can haunt the citizens of Elm Street and beyond. Freddy’s weapons include his iconic glove and his heroin-filled syringe finger gloves from the third film, Dream Warriors. These weapons will keep you in everyone’s nightmares for weeks.

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Jason Voorhees’s Weapons; Friday the 13th

jason voorhees

Whether it’s Friday the 13th at Camp Crystal Lake or October 31st at your door step, this machete and axe will do everything you set to accomplish. Pair with Jason’s iconic hockey mask or his original potato sack from Friday the 13th Part 2 to complete the look of the terrifying killer from Camp Blood.

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Michael Myers’s Butcher Knife; Halloween

Michael Myers

No villain celebrates Halloween better than Michael Myers. This butcher knife will help you scare the babysitter before your big night on the town. Pair with the iconic white mask to complete the look of John Carpenter’s classic character.

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Knives & Meat Cleavers & Hooks! Oh my!

horror weapons

Even if you’re not trying to wear the duds of a horror movie killer, there are still several creepy options to complete your costume. Bloody knives, meat cleavers, hooks, daggers and sickles will spice up your “killer” outfit.

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