Dear Future Earth – If the post-apocalyptic, radioactive wasteland imagined by George Miller comes to fruition, we have some words of advice: Climbing the corporate ladder of the Citadel is based more on luck than a can-do attitude, but we think it’s best if you hedge your bets and swear fealty to Immortan Joe and the Cult of the V8.

When you get down to it, we all just want to live. Those ever-growing tumors scattered throughout your body serve as a reminder that you are not long for this world. Give your life a sense of purpose by following the divine path of Fury Road to the threshold of Valhalla. Dying soft won’t get you through those gates, so fill the tank with Guzzoline, spritz some chrome on your face and go out with your engines revving like a true War Boy.


Fill in the area around the eyes with black makeup.

Use black makeup to darken the tip of the nose.

warboy02 warboy03

Roll out two worms of nose and scar wax. Use spirit gum to adhere the wax to the cheeks.

Smooth the edges with a spatula or flat edge and coat with a thin layer of liquid latex.


Roll out another thin worm of nose and scar wax and apply across the nose with spirit gum.

Smooth the edges and coat with liquid latex.


Coat the lips with a layer of liquid latex.

Roll small pieces of tissue and apply to the latex while it is tacky.

As the pieces of tissue are applied coat them with liquid latex.

Once the latex dries, coat with castor oil to create a barrier between the latex and the makeup.


Add red makeup along the underside of the scars, and along the tissue on the lips.


Start sponging on white makeup all over the face, lips and head area avoiding the dark eye and nose area.


Lightly sponge on black makeup in the hollows of the cheeks and on the temples to help define the shape of the face and add grunge.

Press the handle of the makeup brush into the scar wax to add texture. Keep it random.


With a mix of red and flesh tone use a thin brush to define the cheek and lip scars.

Use a brush or sponge to blend the dark areas around the eye into the white.


Finish the look with silver food mist across the mouth.

If you are ready to devote yourself to Immortan Joe with the rest of the War Boys, show us your selfie tagged with #WHCdoesSFX.


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