Venom Makeup Tutorial

If you’re a Spider-Man fan, you’ve heard of the symbiotes. A race of gooey parasitic alien that binds itself to its host until it ultimately kills it. However, one of these was not like the others and has chosen a life where it does not dominate its hosts, but bonds with them and protects them. This symbiote is known to us as Venom. Venom is one of Spider-Man’s greatest rivals. At one point bonded to Peter himself, Venom has had several hosts that it has inhabited in an attempt to kill Spider-Man, who it sees as a threat and hates for rejecting it as its host. Venom has long had a desire for rage and bloodlust and often changes its host to seek greater power. However, in the end, it always returns to Eddie Brock, with one goal: to kill Spider-Man.

Venom is capable of incredible things and is extremely powerful, but it is known for its elongated jaws; long, sharp fangs; and slithering, prehensile tongue. This look is always associated with Venom, and thanks to that, Wholesale Halloween Costumes and our friend Catilyn Kreklewich sought out to replicate the look! Just follow the steps below and you’ll be ready to show off your Venom look for Spider-Man: Homecoming, or more importantly, for Venom in 2018!

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Venom Makeup Tutorial Step 1

Start by mapping out the oversize mouth from cheek to cheek and over the chin then down onto the neck and chest with pink makeup.

Lay down Venom’s tongue in a squiggle onto the chest.

Venom Makeup Tutorial Step 2

Start painting large, sharp teeth making sure they do not overlap the tongue.

Fill in the mouth and the space between the teeth with black makeup.

Venom Makeup Tutorial

Outline the gum line of each tooth with red makeup, and add detail to the tongue and lips.

With black makeup add shading to the tongue to make it look like it is receding into the mouth.

Venom Makeup Tutorial Step 3

Add grunge to the teeth with brown makeup and a very thin brush. Cover with a thin layer of white to make the grunge less harsh.

Use more white to add dripping spit details and highlights to the tongue.

Venom Makeup Tutorial Step 4

Outline the entire mouth with black.

Continue covering your neck and chest with black makeup.

Paint Venom’s signature white eyes onto your cheeks letting the outer corners taper and twist up over your outer brows. Use two coats if you need to.

Venom Makeup Tutorial Step 5

Fill in any remaining skin tone with black.

Add a few small dots near the edges of the eye.

Venom Makeup Tutorial Step 6

Using a thin brush pull lots of squiggly lines out from the darkness of the neck and onto the chest and shoulder area.

Go over the white dripping spit with a layer of green makeup.

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