We live in a time where people are trying to look their best. From their heads to their toes, people aren’t afraid to test out the new fads to look and feel great. The answer, however has been right in front of us for centuries. Take a page out of the old Dracula playbook and you’re sure to be satisfied with your new lifestyle. Your skin will be so pale and smooth it’ll look like you were cut straight from marble. Fangs will be the sharpest dental implants around, literally. And the organic diet will make eating out a little harder.

Is eternal life a worthy trade off for never being able to eat Italian food again? Jury’s still out on that one. But don’t worry about that yet. This makeup tutorial will have you testing out a hatred towards Vitamin D, dental enhancements and a love for a liquid diet with ease.

Choose your favorite vampire look, and use a photo for reference.


We chose bite marks and a burned-in cross temporary tattoos and applied them before we added makeup.


Apply a thin layer of white cream makeup to mimic a pale corpse. Avoid putting white makeup around the eye areas.

The fangs take a few minutes to set, so prepare them while applying the rest of the makeup following the package instructions.

Set the makeup with translucent powder or setting spray.


Using a dark purple color to add shadows to the eyes, creases around the mouth, temples, brow furrows and the hollow of the cheeks. Blend it in.

Use black makeup and a thin brush to create depth on the tattoos.


With purple or blue makeup and a thin brush, add veining. Keep your wrist loose and the lines will look more real.


Add blood gel around the mouth and chin to finish the look.

This look is eternal but pinning it helps too!