Two Face Makeup Tutorial

There are two sides to every coin and Batman found out the hard way that there are two sides to former Gotham City District Attorney, Harvey Dent. Once an upstanding citizen with a dark past, Harvey Dent went a little mad after being hideously scarred by acidic chemicals during a trial. And since then, he’s been one of the most notable adversaries to be part of Batman’s rogues gallery: Two-Face.

Two-Face is pretty recognizable, and iconic, no matter which iteration you’re looking at. But for this Halloween, we decided to go with Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight. He’s more tragic hero and less sociopath in this series but he still has his moments. If there’s anyone in Gotham City who knew the law, it was him. So obviously he knew when he stopped being an upstanding citizen and started becoming the villain. Because you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain…

Don’t bet your luck with your Halloween makeup on a two-headed coin. If you’re ready to flirt with duality, here’s the perfect tutorial for you. Follow along with the video or read through the step-by-step instructions below to become Two-Face for Halloween or at the next comic con!

Two-Face Step 01

Create a fake tooth appliance by trimming down fake acrylic nails to look like teeth.

Line them up and use tape to make a strip of them for the top and bottom teeth.

Apply them to the face.

Sponge latex over the edges of the tape and onto the cheek and forehead.

Two-Face Step 02

Smear some Vaseline onto the eyebrow.

Block out one eyebrow with a glue stick.

Cover the brow with masking tape.

Sponge half the face and neck with another layer of liquid latex.

When the latex is clear and dry, tear a few holes to create texture.

Two-Face Step 03

Sponge another layer of latex over half of the face and start applying small torn bits of tissue or toilet paper over the forehead, cheek, chin and neck.

Coat with another layer of latex.

Two-Face Step 04

Roll pieces of tissue into long worms to form the muscles and tendons on the cheek.

Use a reference photo to map out the placement and apply with more latex.

Use another shorter roll of tissue to build up the brow bone.

Apply a prosthetic eye with tissue and latex.

Pull a few tears into the tissue on the forehead.

Two-Face Step 05

Paint behind the teeth with red black makeup.

Now paint over the tendons with flesh toned makeup.

Use red and brown-red to start filling in the rest of the look with highlights and shadows.

Add extra tears to the tissue and latex if desired.

Two-Face Step 06

Sponge more latex over the look and press coffee grounds in patches around the burn.

Give the teeth a stained look with yellow makeup.

Finish painting red makeup all over the burn. Add shadows in the holes and hollows of the texture.

Two-Face Step 07

Use a sponge to soften the edges of the burn where it meets regular skin.

Make sure you get full coverage- by the hairline, on the neck and on the ear.

Add a few highlights to the tendons and blend out.

Finish the look with desired level of fake blood.

So become the villain this Halloween and show that there are two sides to every character. Share your recreations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.

This look was executed by the lovely Meagan over at The Art of Beauty so don’t forget to check her out!