Every kid loves to trick-or-treat. Getting dressed up in costume and roaming the neighborhood for candy with their friends and parents is often one of the highlights of their year. But when the costumed crowds become too much to handle, or neighborhoods are a bit too far off the safety scale, or distances between homes is a bit too far, there’s no need to worry, there’s still a way for everyone to get their bag full of candies and chocolates this Halloween: Trunk-or-Treating!

A trend that’s spreading across the country, parents can organize a meet up at a school or church parking lot, and decorate their cars as they would their house for kids to trick-or-treat from, instead of going door to door. It’s a great way for everyone to still get the Halloween experience they deserve, even if the neighborhood won’t allow it.

That’s why we have these three, easy to do, DIY trunk-or-treat decoration ideas! From mad scientist to spooky graveyard to downright horrific butcher shop, these decorations bring out everything we love about Halloween. So park your car, pop the trunk, and get decorating!

Our skinny friend “Bones” makes an appearance in all of our trunk scenes. We would be remiss without giving her modeling credit.

Mad Scientist Trunk

Mad Scientist Tunk or Treat

Our mad scientist setup comes complete with bunsen burner, but you will have to supply the mystery liquids to fill your beakers and flasks.

Mad Scientist Lab KitRadioactive SyringeHead ShotsBloody BrainRats

Graveyard Trunk

Graveyard Trunk or Treat

This graveyard probably wont raise the dead, but we won’t make any promises!

GravestonesShovelSkull fenceSkeletonCrowsRatsBats

Bloody Butcher Shop Trunk

Butcher Shop Trunk or Treat

If your Trunk or Treat party is going to be PG-13, then this blood curdling butcher shop is considered appropriate. Otherwise, not so much.

Chop Shop SignMacheteBloody Shower CurtainApronSevered HandDetached LegBody Parts

…and more!

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