True Blood Courses Through our Veins Again Starting Sunday


As we excitedly away the season premiere of True Blood this Sunday I wonder what will come of the characters in the town of Bon Temps were humans and vampires coexist.  The cliffhanger season finale left us wondering about what kind of trouble the ghost of Rene warned would come between Terry and Arlene. And what about the escape of Russell Edgington, Tara’s shooting and the return of Steve Newlin who is now a vampire. We don’t want to give anything away but for the curious there are placed to go to see spoiler alerts, reviews and inside information on Sookie, Bill, and the rest of this amazing ensemble cast. Fans are hooked on the V-Juice and really looking forward to the premiere on June 10th.

We love the look of these vampires because they are not the pale, brooding vamps of Twilight but rather, they are citizens subsisting on synthetic blood (some of the time) and having relationships with humans. Season 4 brought a coven of witches to the town, adding to the drama. The series is mind reading, shape shifting, blood sucking fun and we can’t wait.

We suggest you dress up for the premiere. Perhaps you want to wear a Sookie costume or drench yourself in vampire blood. Make is a special occasion and have a Louisiana style cookout, drink red drinks and watch the premiere with a True Blood Vampire Costume Party.