Top Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women from 2012


Looking good! Put all modesty aside this Halloween and embrace that old saying, “if you’ve got it flaunt it!”

Sexy costumes come in many forms; they’re not all French maid outfits and Naughty Nurse uniforms. This is the list of our Top 10 Sexy Costume ideas for 2012:

Sexy Animal

– sexy teddy bears, pandas and catsuits

Cute Monsters

– Furry monster in skimpy rompers are what every man wants hiding in their bedroom closet

Fairytale Costumes

– Sexy Red Riding Hood, Snow White and others have a happy ending

Circus Babes

– Sexy Ring Mistress and sassy clowns are very entertaining

Sexy Pirates

– Corsairs and wenches on the high seas

Greek goddesses

– Be a goddess of beauty and wisdom like Athena

Burlesque dancers

– Can-can the night way in a corset and a high-low skirts

Indian Princesses

– Make all the young Braves want to show your their teepee.

Sexy Occupational

– Dirty cop, sexy SWAT, and Mile High Flight Attendents love to combine work and play

Whether you wish to dress up as an animal, a goddess or even a pirate, we have all the sexy costumes that will have everyone talking. If you wish to dress up as something else but wish to stay sexy, you can consider costumes such as fairytale characters which consider the Evil Queen or Red Riding Hood. These costumes are recognizable and fun to wear because you get to act in character and even give it your own twist. If you wish to dress up in something that gives you some more options to personalize and accessorize your costume, then perhaps wearing a sexy Flapper, Native American or Occupational costume such as a sexy Cop or Flight attendant is the choice for you.

Sexy and sassy outfits, no matter what the genre, look great with lots of accessories that match such as handbags shoes, makeup and jewelry. You’ll be able to add your own personality to these costumes that will completely transform you into character for a ton of fun on Halloween.

Let us help you look your sexy best for Halloween 2012 or anytime!