Top Horror Costumes for Halloween 2019

Halloween is a great time for all sorts of costumes, but why fix what isn’t broken? A dark night, full of a bright moon – it might even be full – cool winds, tree limbs bare of leaves, flickering jack-o-lanterns, and scarecrows need some creepy costumes to go along with them!

Take a look at some of the top horror costumes available, with classic characters like Freddy Krueger and Chucky, as well as some newer additions to the scary set like Annabelle or Twisty the Clown. Even on Halloween, at a party or while handing out candy, you’ll stand out as one of these memorable and iconic horror characters!

Annabelle & Freddy Krueger Halloween Costumes


Who is Annabelle? Why she’s just a doll. Surely, she can’t be anything else, right? With an Annabelle costume, you’ll be able to become the classic creepy doll that started in the Conjuring movie and got spun off into her very own movie series. The look has a shiny, decorated face, a long, threadbare dress, and other spooky details that help make her one of the most recognizable new horror icons in recent years!

Freddy Krueger

It’s time for a Nightmare on Elm Street this Halloween! If you really want to inspire some nightmares, pick up a Freddy Krueger costume, and become the man who burned to death, and now haunts the dreams of children – and if they die in the dream, they die for real! His scarred visage and claw hand, as well as his hat and striped sweater, will make you a real terror!

Chucky & Twisty Halloween Costumes


If you’re looking for horror movie costumes that will really send a thrill of fear down the spines of all the other out on the street, try getting an outfit based on yet another classic horror film, and turn yourself into a child’s plaything that’s been haunted by a serial killer’s spirit! Everybody will know exactly who you are with the overalls and mask of this Chucky costume!


From American Horror Story’s fourth season, Twisty the clown is a demented clown who kidnaps children, hiding his face from those around him with a grinning mask. He’s also a killer, and has no remorse, which makes him the perfect terrifying creature for you to dress up as!

Jason Vorhees & Michael Myers Halloween Costumes

Jason Voorhees

With a sharp machete and his trademark hockey mask, Jason Voorhees is always ready to party! As the main villain of the Friday the 13th movie series, he’s out for revenge on the camp counselors that were too busy…well, they were too busy to watch him while he’s swimming, which led to his death! Confused as to how he could still be around and out for blood? Looks like somebody needs a Friday the 13th movie marathon!

Michael Myers

As far as horror film costumes go, Michael Myers is one of the most famous. Did you know his pale white mask is a William Shatner mask, treated for the movie? Now you can become this crazy killer for a night of Halloween “fun,” and get ready for a whole night of scares as one of the most chilling members of the horror movie pantheon ever!

Ghost Face Scream Halloween Costumes

Ghost Face

When a murderer begins to off members of a horror movie cast, accusations fly fast as the bodies begin to pile up! This long, twisted white face and dark cloak combine to make a simple yet effect scary costume that’s still getting people’s hackles up even now! You can add a few special items to make your Ghost Face costume perfect, like a voice changer, a big knife, and some gloves! 

Scream the TV Show

The Scream TV show is an anthology slasher that changes settings frequently, but at the center of the story, there’s always a killer. The Lakewood Slasher from seasons 1 and 2 uses the dark pasts of his victims to keep them on edge, and you’ll be prepared to look your best as the updated version of this classic movie killer, with a gaping white mask, a dark raincoat, and a sharp knife. Everyone will be afraid of you, at least a little bit, and you’re sure to enjoy your night!

Pennywise from It Halloween Costumes


Pennywise the dancing clown is the most fearful thing that has ever carried a balloon, and now you’re ready to terrorize the kids and adults of Derry when you get a costume based on the version seen in the new movies! He’s able to change his shape into whatever scares his target the most, from werewolves and mummies to sewer monsters and immense, magical spiders! Get a special wig, some big shoes, and some makeup, and you’ll be the most frightening thing in the world!

Classic Pennywise 

If you’re a bigger fan of the classic It miniseries from 1990, why don’t you get a costume based on Tim Curry’s version of this creepy clown? It’s a little bit brighter than the more recent version, but it’s just as menacing, and all it really takes to make it perfect is some white makeup, a red balloon, and a red wig!

Regan & The Grady Twins Halloween Costumes


In the movie the Exorcist, the young girl Regan is taken over by a demon, and she must be freed with the help of the main characters. In the meantime, she gives us some of the most terrifying scenes in movie history! All I really have to say is “pea soup,” and everyone knows what I mean. A Regan costume is a pretty simple look, with a long sleeping gown and a mask, but it’s still pretty spooky!

Grady Twins

The Grady Twins are the creepy girls that haunt Danny in the movie the Shining, and despite the fact they hardly do anything at all, they’re still two of the movie’s most terrifying characters! When Danny comes wheeling around the corner of the hallway and sees the two girls standing there, we might be more frightened than him! Get two of you in this costume for a perfectly creepy twin look!

Each and every one of these interesting pop culture horror costumes is a great way to make sure you Halloween is scary for everyone! From the classic titles to the more recent offerings, from scary clowns and creepy dolls to psycho killers and monsters back from the dead, you’re sure to find something you love!

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