Top Funny Halloween Costumes for 2019

Halloween is burdened with horror. Some may like it, but wouldn’t you rather laugh? There are plenty of amazingly funny and humorous costumes you can browse and select for your next night of Halloween costume parties or taking the kids trick-or-treating. Instead of the horror and gore, we’ve gotten used to, why not bring some levity to your next event?

Take a look at this list of our best funny costumes to find some wonderful women’s costumes, men’s costumes, and kid’s costumes that will make sure Halloween is a time of fun for everyone, and not just for the skeletons!

Ride-On Shark

Being able to ride a shark might not leap out at you as a funny costume, but think about it: it’s an apex predator who could rip you to shreds, and now you’re riding it! Talk about irony, one of the staples of comedy. Become a surfer guy or gal who loves to hit the waves and show off moves with his friend Jaws. Nobody’s going to expect it, and that’s what really makes it funny!

Mona Lisa

Will you be smiling at your next Halloween costume party? When you wear a costume that turns you into the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci, the answer is…maybe! But all of the other guests will definitely have big smiles when you show up as this classic piece of art. It’s inspired memes, brought crowds to view it, and when you wear a costume based on this painting, everyone will get a giggle out of it.

Muscle Man 

Pack yourself full of power and show off a Mr. Universe style with a Muscle Man costume! If you’re a guy who doesn’t want to put in the time at the gym or a lady who wants to get some bulging biceps, this costume is an incredible way to get a wonderful look for your next Halloween costume party or trick-or-treating – or any reason, really, why wouldn’t you want to have big muscles all the time? At the beach, at school, at work, or even at the gym, this costume is excellent.

Wild Waving Tube Guy 

Spread excitement! Show off your dance moves! Sell some cars! With a Wild Waving Tube Guy (or a “wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man”) costume, it’s easy for you to get everybody looking in your direction, and laughing at your amazing antics. These looks are colorful and full of energy, so it’s a great way to add some fun to any event. You’ll be flailing your arms all over for the entire party, and you’re sure to inspire some brand new dance moves!

Kissing Booth

Lookin’ for a little bit of lovin’ this Halloween? Let people know with a Kissing Booth costume, and you might even earn a little bit of cash at the same time! This is a great look for guys and girls, and even for the growing casanovas! If you’re the self-deprecating kind, somebody not as blessed in the looks department will get even more mileage out of this unique kind of costume. Crank up the prices or leave them low, but you’ll certainly get your fair share of laughs!

Little Old Man

Who doesn’t love a little old man? With the help of this simple costume, you can age yourself up and play pretend for a night of Halloween costume parties or trick-or-treating! Whether you want to be a crotchety old man or the kind of octogenarian who’s really young at heart, this costume will help you no matter what!

Beer Run

What’s a Halloween party without some strong drinks? As long as you don’t run out, the night is sure to go off without a hitch.

But what happens if you do run out? Well, the Beer Run costume is here to help! With jogger’s shorts, a marathon runner’s shirt, and a beer bottle headpiece, you’ll always be prepared to race to the nearest liquor store and refuel! It takes a few seconds of thought, but once people know what you’re dressed as, they’ll all be laughing along with you!

Inflatable Bathtub

An inflatable bathtub costume is a unique and memorable outfit that will make you the star of your next Halloween costume party! Scrub-a-dub your way into the hearts of all the other guests with a big inflatable scene that includes a full tub, a rubber ducky, and even a shower cap to complete the look. It’s certain nobody will be expecting this look when you walk in the door, and it’s the epitome of clean comedy!


Communicating on the internet has given rise to its own special brand of trials and troubles, and one that almost every person has come across in one form another is ghosting – when the person you’re talking to just stops talking back. A ghosted costume is the perfect outfit to get you a unique and hilarious Halloween costume!

Crazy Cat Lady

Are your many furry little felines your closest friends? Or do you have a special place in your heart for them? If you have a group of little helpers, then a crazy cat lady will be an even easier costume for you to get for your next Halloween costume party! Want to poke fun at some friends who might need fewer pets to take care of? A crazy cat lady outfit is a lighthearted look that you’re sure to enjoy for your next night of getting dressed up.


T-Rexes might have been terrifying creatures millions of years ago, but now they’re just one of many fun costumes you can choose for a night of dressing up. One of the more famous costumes that you can get is an inflatable costume – you’ve probably seen them featured in viral videos, funny pictures, and other places online. They’re big and floppy, and sure to get a laugh! 

Aunt Gertie

Kids usually like to dress as superheroes, movie characters, and other classic characters, but they also love to get funny looks as well! One way to get them laughing is to use an Aunt Gertie costume, which takes them from a tyke to an old biddy who could be cranky, goofy, and everything in between!

There are tons of choices for you if you’re getting sick of the blood and guts that Halloween is known for. These are some of the top funny costumes, but there are also plenty of others to browse. Laughter is the best medicine for gloom and doom!

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