Top Couples Costumes for 2019

Halloween is a time of fun so it’s imperative that you get all the costumes you need for you and special friend. You can inspire laughs when you show up at a costume party, take the kids out for some trick-or-treating with all of these wonderful women’s and men’s costumes, and so many others that mesh together well!

You can dress as a pair of tasty food treats, a duo of powerful comic book heroes, or a pair of characters from a famous television show. These top couples’ costumes that clearly go together or costumes that need the other for the best effect are your best bet since everyone will remember them!

Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls are a unique costume style that is artsy, colorful, and memorable! If two people dress up in these costumes, they’ll certainly look like they’re two of a kind, and not only will you look like you belong together, but you’ll be two of the best-dressed characters at your event! The paper helps you look great for your next Halloween party; you and your beau will show up in style!

Milk and Cookie

For some couples, Halloween costumes that everyone will know should belong together, get a pair of tasty looks with the milk and cookie costumes! What other two things could work so well together? The entire party will be trying to get you two closer, even if you’re separated, and their mouths will be drooling the entire time. You two are sure to look the best-dressed, and you’ll both be sweet treats for all of the other guests as well!

Adam and Eve

The original duo is still inspiring people to dress up, and now you can get a pair of early biblical costumes that everyone will recognize! It’s clear you two will be together – what with your matching “outfits” – and people will be congratulating you on not only your great couple’s look, but a few of them may take the chance to thank their distant ancestors for getting the ball rolling, for better or for worse.

 Puzzle Pieces

Imagine it. You’re standing by the drinks table in your puzzle costume. You haven’t really found anyone to connect with yet, but then the crowd parts, and there it is – the perfect piece to fit yours. A pair of puzzle pieces is one of the best couples’ costumes since it’s clear that you and your partner will fit! It’ll be a match made in puzzle heaven, and if you two don’t leave together, the entire party will end up disappointed!

Avocado Toast

It’s one of the hip foods out there for the “young people” to chow down on, so why not get a couples’ costume that takes a recent development and helps you look great at the same time? People are sure to remember such a unique and inventive style, and the two of you will be stuck at the hip no matter where you go this Halloween. You’ll look great, taste great, and have plenty of fun memories!

Peanut Butter and Jelly

It’s the sandwich that raised multiple generations, and now it’s possible for you and a friend to become the flavor combination of school lunchboxes and late-night snacks for your next Halloween party with these great Women’s Halloween costumes and Men’s Halloween costumes! One of you is the peanut butter, one of you is the jelly, and together you’ll be ready for an amazing look at a costume party and much more!

Burger and Fries

They may work on their own, but these two classic pieces of American cuisine work wonders together! Hit up a costume party as a plate of fine dining and get everybody looking your way with a hungry look in their eyes. Everybody will know you two belong together!

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the most popular new television shows in recent years, and there are some fun ways for you and a loved one to dress up as a pair of characters! One of the options is Sheriff Hopper and Joyce, the older main characters of the series, who are out to stop the evil and keep the kids safe. There’s also Steve and Robin from Scoops Ahoy, which not only is one of the popular new costumes and settings from season three, but a great way to get people laughing with a funny style!

Beetlejuice and Lydia

The classic Tim Burton film is still inspiring people with some amazing looks and outfits and dressing up as Beetlejuice and the young Lydia is a wonderful way to get in the Halloween spirit! This ghastly duo is sure to make you feel right at home among all the other ghouls and ghosts at your next party!

Pilot and Flight Attendant

If you and your favorite person both love the adventure of flying and the sight from the air, you can both dress as members of the aerospace industry with a pilot costume and a flight attendant costume! Show up together, arm in arm, and you’re sure to be the best-dressed couple at your next Halloween costume party.

The Munsters

All of these creepy costumes will work wonders when you’re looking for a couples’ costume! Herman and Lily Munster are the heads of this monster family, and they both have the kind of design that is half-creepy, half-funny, so everyone will know that you two belong together!

Addams Family

Another famous monster family is the Addams Family, and now Morticia and Gomez are here to help you get some classy looks for a night of amazing Halloween fun. You can bring your kids along if you have them, but if you don’t, or you’re attending an adults-only party, this man and wife will get you in the Halloween spirit, and you’ll be dancing the night away in each other’s arms!

All these amazing costume choices will help you find the best way to enjoy a night out with your loved one this year! These are some of the best couples costumes you can select from, perfect for those who want to get into the creepy Halloween spirit, want to get some people laughing, or just want to get a look that works well as a duo.

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