Top 2013 Scary Halloween Costume Ideas for Men


It’s that time of year again when the leaves begin to fall, the air gets colder and the nights get longer which can only mean one thing, that Halloween is right around the corner! If you are ready for Halloween and love to dress up in scary costumes for men but just can’t seem to choose the one that’s right for you, let us here at Wholesale Halloween Club help you out!

We have a the Best Scary Costumes for Men list that is sure to either provide you with the perfect scary costume or with some ideas that will help you choose the costume that is right for you.

Some of the terrifying, heart-stopping costumes we have that everyone will recognize from a movie or television show include:

R880663 Silo Rick Grimes CostumeSilo Rick Grimes Adult Costume- Everyone still loves The Walking Dead so go for it while the trend is still hot

Freddy Krueger Animated Chest of Souls SweaterAnimated Chest of Souls Freddy Krueger Costume – This is the newest upgrade to the Nightmare on Elm Street costume collection

Mens Leatherface costumeLeatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – a timeless classic, at least since the 70s.

DD102 Safety Pin T-ShirtSafety Pin Men’s T-Shirt – this shirt features a window pocket for your smartphone. When you download the app,  a moving eye appears on the face of the shirt

Rubber Man American Horror StoryThe Rubber Man from the new hit TV show, American Horror Story.

All of these costumes are frightening in their own way but yet still different enough for a guy choose which costume is right for them. And as for the men who wish to just be as scary and deranged as possible, the Leatherface costume will deliver nothing but screams and cries from everyone you encounter! These scary costumes leave you room to accessorize them with great prop weapons such as knives, machetes and chainsaws.

You’re destined to scare the pants off of anyone you come across on Halloween night! Let us here at Wholesale Halloween Costumes help you get the scariest costume you’ve ever dressed up in for Halloween, you’re destined to provide all of the screams wherever you show up at!