With a flock over a billion strong, you had better believe that a visit from the Pope is going to require a little crowd control. Wholesale Halloween Costumes headquarters sits squarely under the dome of heightened anticipation for the Pope’s whirlwind tour in the United States. It’s no surprise our Pope products have been seeing a bump in sales.


After stops in Washington D.C. and New York City, he’ll spend a weekend in Philadelphia, Pa. It’s been decades since a Pope has graced Philly with his presence, but Mayor Michael Nutter speaks assuredly that the city is ready for all contingencies. It seems like the visit has people divided into categories:

  • “Pilgrim for the Pope” Diehard Catholics
  • “Exodus Evacuee” Crowd Thinners
  • “The Pope Is Going Where?” Majority of Americans
  • “How Will I Get to Work/School?” Everyday People near NYC, Philly, and D.C.

We found a few people willing to show their Papal Spirit in the City of Brotherly Love. Despite the near shutdown of the heart of the city during his visit, it looks like they are still pretty #PumpedForThePope. Show us your Pontific looks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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