The Most Ridiculous Costumes Ever – and They’re G-Rated


It used to be that if you wanted a really out-there Halloween costume you had to make it yourself.  Not anymore. There are so many insane costume ideas that you never have to make another one as long as you live.  Nothing beats a sense of humor so let your silly side show, no matter what your age. The following costume are, in my opinion, simply crazy, zany, wacky and so much fun. More importantly, they are G-Rated for everyone.

1. TinkerBelly Costume – Just so silly and great for men from high school age and up.

2. Venetian Statue Costume – This costume comes in a men’s and a women’s version. Can you stand as still as a statue? It would be fun to see if you can fool anyone.

3. Butt Blasting Beans Costume – Nobody appreciates fart humor like a school age boy. This costume will make everyone laugh, and it is comfortable too.

4. LMFAO Shuffle Bot – Sure, you could probably make this one at home but we have the officially licensed style. Party Rock!!!

5. Wac A Mole Costume – If you love Boardwalk amusements, this will be a “big hit.”

6. Big Mouth Bass Trophy Head Costume- Its just like the singing bass they sell in gag stores.

7. Human Dart Board Costume – This is an interactive costume with Velcro darts. If you don’t mind people throwing things at you then the dart board is a fun choice.

8. Wacky Wiggle Costume – You’ll look just like those crazy things that blow and wiggle outside at car dealerships, grand opening and other places.

9. Ketchup Bunting – Perfect and silly for your “little squirt.”

10. I’m No Dummy Costume – Take ventriloquism to a new level.

11. The kids Toilet Costume – Once again, toilet humor gets the kids laughing every time!

12. The Tooth Fairy Costume – Here she is like you’ve never seen her before! Yikes! Its a good thing the tooth fairy comes when kids are asleep!

As you can see, none of these are R-rated costumes. They are just silly costumes for anyone who wants good, clean fun.