The Best New Superhero Costumes of 2013


Although we all hate to admit it, summer is coming to a close.  But that means Halloween is right around the corner.  Here is a list of our top men’s and women’s superhero costumes for 2013!  Get one of these looks and you’ll save yourself from the cold weather slump we’re heading towards.

If you haven’t noticed, Hollywood loves a good superhero film.  In the last year, we’ve seen Iron Man (and the rest of the Avengers), Superman and Wolverine on the big screen again.  These movies aren’t stopping here.  Audiences are anticipating the sequels to The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, and Captain America: The First Avenger.  So it’s a safe bet that donning one of the superhero’s signature looks from any of these blockbusters will make you a hit this Halloween.

This year, we’ve found newest and hottest takes on these classic looks.  Take a look at the superhero costumes we think are the best for 2013! No worries if costumes are not in stock yet, you an pre-order and reserve your today.

1. Iron Man Iron Man 3 Mens Costume

The only one that loves Tony Stark more than audiences is Tony Stark!

2. Captain AmericaAdult Captain America

We salute you, Captain America for looking this awesome!

3. SupermanMens Superman Costume

Despite the mixed reviews around Man of Steel, Henry Cavill looked undeniably hot in this updated Superman uniform.

4. Spider-ManSpider-Man Mens Costume

Look as amazing as Andrew Garfield does in the latest reboot of this web-slinging superhero!

5. WolverineWolverine Mens Costume

Wolverine might be stripped of his immortality in The Wolverine but with costumes like this, he is sure to live on forever!

There’s been a lot of testosterone in this list so far, but ladies, have no fear.  The female superhero costumes are here!

1.  American DreamAmerican Dream

Who knew idolizing Captain American would make a girl look this good!

2. Wonder WomanWonder Women Costume

Although this isn’t an officially licensed Wonder Woman costume, this Sexy Hottie Heroine packs a punch.

3. Iron (wo)ManWomens Ironman Costume

This sexy take on the classic hero will give Tony Stark a run for his money this Halloween.

4. Pink Power RangerWomens Pink Power Ranger Costume

This sassy Power Ranger is anything but a damsel in distress.

5. FaoraWomens Faora Costume

Okay, she’s not a superhero but thanks to Man of Steel, this villainous side kick is too hot to leave off this list.

These are all of the costumes that we think will pack the most punch this Halloween.  Which one is your favorite?