The Best Mother’s Day Presents are Homemade


When I was a kid I loved Mother’s Day. I so looked forward to giving my mom the special gift that I made at school. She treated every macaroni necklace and soda can pop-top flower brooch like it was a gift from Tiffany’s. Her favorite homemade Mother’s Day gift was the decoupage pencil holder that I made in 3rd grade from an empty can of French’s Fried Onions, which she kept on her desk at work until the day she retired.

For all the teachers and dads that are looking for inexpensive homemade gifts that moms will love, we have a few suggestions, most of which can be made with things found around the house. In addition to those mentioned above:

1. Use an empty egg carton to start an herb garden from seeds. Not only is it great for mom but it is a sustainable gift and a great learning opportunity for young kids.

2. Make a Button Photo Bracelet – string colorful quarter-sized buttons on elastic string. Glue small pictures of your child to each button and decorate with faux gemstones.

3. Chore Coupons – using construction paper or the computer, make a small book of coupons for mom that she can redeem. These should be chores that mom usually does. It can be things such as folding a load of laundry, washing the dishes, putting the groceries away, etc.

4. Make a Mommy and Me scrapbook – have the kids glue photos of themselves with mom onto pages of construction paper and decorate with pictures of things mom loves, clipped from magazines. Bind it into a book using yarn or ribbon tied in a bow.

5. Message of Love Bracelet or Keychain – using letter beads and colored beads write a sentence that has special meaning to mom. I can be something like, “You are the best mommy in the world” or whatever you choose.

These are easy project that preschoolers can help with and that elementary school kids can do on their own. Moms will love anything that their children make with love.