Thanksgiving Party Planning Guide

Men's Turkey Costume

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Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks and feeling blessed for what we are fortunate to have. Of course, if you are the one planning and prepping all of the food and activities, Instead of being thankful, you’re actually feeling pretty stressed out. But don’t fret, Wholesale Halloween Costumes and Wholesale Party Supplies have put together a list of easy Thanksgiving Party ideas that are sure to save you time and add fun to your Thanksgiving feast.


Personalized Thanksgiving Invitation

You can’t have a party if there are no guest! Start off on the right foot by sending out our Thanksgiving party invitations. Most of our personalized invites, can be customized to feature your guest names, your events info, as well as, a short message for each of your guest. So if you would like to remind a certain guest to bring a particular item like apple cider or canned gravy, then this invite is just right for you.

Table Decorations:

complete Thanksgiving Table Decorating Kit

Now that you have checked off sending out invites, you have to start planning what kind of decorations you will have on all of your tables. The obvious color scheme for Thanksgiving is orange, yellow, green and brown, but if you are looking for something more refined, try adding some of our gold table covers to all of your dining counters. Do you know what will really make your guest smile? If you used real leaves as a place card. Simply spray each leaf with a hardener so they won’t crumble, then place one of our personalized stickers that feature your guest names on each leaf. How amazing will you table look with this special touch? Of course if you need something easy and straight to the point, try out one of our deluxe Thanksgiving table kits. Inside each of our kits, you will be given all the necessary supplies, such as a turkey centerpiece, leaf confettis, plates, cups and much more. Decorating will be a snap with our kits.


Men's Turkey Costume

Now that you have decorated your home, its time to figure out how you will entertain your guest as the main course cooks in the oven. With our thanksgiving costumes, you can have fun putting on a play while you teach your tiny guest all about the wonderful day. Try getting all of the children involved by having them dress up as turkeys and pilgrims. Thanksgiving costumes Imagine the irony of a man dressed in a turkey costume carving the turkey? If you don’t want to go all out on your outfit, there are several silly hats that will make the party more fun.


Another activity that can become a wonderful tradition, is the thankful tree. Using construction paper, trace out a tree and pin it up on your wall. Have all of your guest cut out leaves and flowers, then write down on their creations what they are thankful for. Pin each item up and marvel at your blooming tree.


Personalized Thanksgiving Items

Personalized Thanksgiving Placemat

As your guest pack up to leave, hand them each a wonderful favor that will remind them of your wonderful Thanksgiving day party. If you are wondering what kind of favors can make such an impact, we have fall and Thanksgiving Day personalized items that will make everyone feel special. Each item can be customized with your guest names, your family’s last name, or your events date. Can you just picture your guest with a leaf themed magnet on their fridges?

When its time to celebrate a joyous occasion, we make it easy for you to focus on family while we handle everything else.