Talk Like a Pirate Day Costume Ideas


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Let out a few ‘Aaaarrr’s’ and ‘Ohoy Matey’s!’ this September. Talk Like A Pirate Day, every September 19th, is a really fun and original holiday that you shouldn’t let slip by unnoticed. You can make this unofficial holiday even better by adding a pirate costumes and accessories into the festivities too.

Talk Like A Pirate Day was started back in 1995 by two friends. The holiday only has one rule and one method of celebration: talk like a pirate! Embrace all things pirate themed and speak only using a growl and gruff pirate voice. This holiday is perfect for young children and it can be so much fun. With most holidays being religious or historical based in nature, there aren’t enough holidays that are just about fun. The silly nature of this holiday has made it wildly popular with early education age kids. Of course adults can participate in the hooliganism as well, but you can’t vouch for your boss being okay with it.

Add Pirate Accessories

Pirate Hook Cutlass pirate set
Make this holiday even more fun by adding a costume too. Kids always love dressing up and Halloween only comes around once a year, so let them enjoy this day to its fullest as well. You can put together a really great pirate costume with a few simple pieces that won’t break the bank or take a ton of time putting together. With just a classic pirate hat, eye patch, and a few other individual elements, you can look just like Blackbeard or Captain Jack Sparrow. Other small items you can add to make a costume personal and unique to you include a prop toy sword or a fun pirate hook.

You don’t need much to get into the character of a pirate and there are plenty of different ways you can put together a fun, DIY pirate costume with some pirate accessories. Once you have your costume on there is only one thing left to do. Go out and enjoy your day talking like a pirate! Kids always love this holiday and for good reason. Pirates are really fun characters, whose fun loving and adventurous characteristics have made them enduring figures. Let your imaginations run wild on Talk Like A Pirate Day and dress your child up so they can really have fun and get in the spirit of this unofficial, but totally awesome holiday.