Let’s face it.  We definitely have more than enough superheroes to save the day if push comes to shove.  However, while we’re more used to seeing Marvel Comics and DC Comics battling it out for a place in our hearts, 2016 is the year of “civil” wars.  Instead of the top dogs in the comic book world facing off, we’re going to see some of our favorite heroes duke it out.  We’re kicking the battle royales off with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next month!

Even though it’s called Batman v Superman, we’re going to see a bunch of other fan favorites from the DC universe.  So it’ll be hard as an audience to decide exactly which superhero we think deserves to come out on top.  However, we’ve already chosen our side and we’re rooting for the Caped Crusader.  We’re ready for Ben Affleck to put on the mask to take on DC veteran Henry Cavill.  Unfortunately for the Dark Knight, the Man of Steel isn’t an easy adversary to beat.  With all of Superman’s special abilities, we think the only way Batman could come out on top are with Kryptonite batarangs.

Our Superman looks like he stepped straight out from the pages of a comic book and right into the edges of a few of Batman’s fancy gadgets.  Check out the video or take a look at our step-by-step guide below to recreate this look if you’re Team Batman too!


We chose a comic book look for our Superman.

Lay out the shadow areas with makeup that is darker than the natural skin tone.


Add thick black lines that show the contours and shapes of the face.


Use a wide flat brush to cover the larger shadow areas.


We used lightweight plastic Batarang props and cut them in half.

Wrap a worm of nose and scar wax around the end that will be attached to the face.

Apply to the face by smoothing out the wax with your fingers.


Use a metal spatula to refine the edge and blend the was seamlessly with the skin.


Coat the wax with liquid latex.

Add blood gel liberally to completely cover the wax.


Add a few cracks with black makeup on the skin around the Batarangs.

That is how a hero takes his battle damage!


Okay, we get that these two heroes (along with Wonder Woman and Aquaman) will probably have other problems to deal with (*cough* Lex Luthor *cough*) but we still love imagining who would kick whose butt.  So, fellow Batman supporters, why not try out this makeup look to show the other side just who is boss.  You won’t even need a budget like Bruce Wayne does to complete it!

But if you do recreate this look, make like Clark Kent and report back to us!  Share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.