Are you bored with your skull? Let’s be real, most skulls could use a little styling. There is just so much white space. Those bones are basically screaming for color and pattern. Here is the perfect way to sweeten the look of your dull cranium. A few curly curlicues and pops of vibrant gem tones will turn that humdrum noggin into a work of art. Transform from a plain old skull into an exotic Calavera! Take it from us, Sugar Skull men make the señoritas swoon and just might help you find your perfect match for Day of the Dead or whenever.


Line waterline with black before starting the base makeup to combat smudging.


Apply a white base over entire face. Don’t worry about eye area, as we’ll be covering them with black.

To even things out, blot with a damp natural sea sponge dipped in white. This will help cover and blend the streaking from the earlier layers.

PRO TIP: Water based makeup dries matte but may crack over time. Cream makeup needs powdering & smudges more easily.


With black eyeliner, roughly sketch out the shapes around eyes and on the tip of the nose that will be filled in with black.


With a medium, flat brush, fill in shapes with black cream makeup for smooth, rich color. Use a slow, steady hand to keep edges crisp.


Draw a black line along the cheekbone from the sideburns to the corners of the mouth.


Fill in the top lip with black makeup and define the Cupid’s bow.

Paint on a mustache.


With a thin liner brush, outline the details of the teeth.

With the flat medium brush, paint black cream makeup along cheekbone line and blend down to create shadows from hairline to the corners of the mouth.


Use a thin brush to add details around the face.

Outline the eyes with red cream makeup. Add a scalloped edge with the red.


Accentuate features with curly lines and other patterns typically found on a Sugar Skull.


On the forehead, create a spider web design that starts between the eyebrows and fans out towards the hairline.


With a fluffy brush, add black shadows to the temples and under the jaw.

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