Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup Tutorial

When you think about a nice trip out to a cabin in the woods, you always tend to think “what could go wrong?” Because of that, you over pack and prepare for every possible scenario you could face out in the woods. Unfortunately, there are just some scenarios you can’t plan for. Like being an integral part of a ritual to appease the ancient ones who live beneath the surface.

But more interesting than the ritual, that for America mimics the traditional slasher films, are the monsters trapped in the facility. From werewolves to zombies, wraiths to unicorns, there isn’t a creature imaginable that the Facility doesn’t have access to. However, creatures like these can’t be tamed and they surely can’t be caged forever. While Dana and Marty were seemingly escaping, we got to see all of the imprisoned monsters in action. It was the petite ballerina that caught our eye for Halloween.

Sure, her tutu was a bit dirty but her child-like body was unassuming. Until she turned around to show her face, or lack there of.

We tasked our friend Caitlyn Kreklewich to recreate this creepy look for this Halloween. Follow along with the video or check out the steps below so you too can recreate this Cabin in the Woods look!

Sugar Plum Fairy Steps 01

Use washable glue to block out your eyebrows. Brush the hairs upwards to smooth the hairs down onto the skin.

Trace out three circles around your face with white eyeliner to map out a guide for the three layers of jaws and teeth.

Sugar Plum Fairy Steps 02

Map out where you want the teeth to be. Draw in various tooth shapes.  Repeat the same steps to each circle.

Sugar Plum Fairy Steps 03

Use peach face paint to create the gums where the light would hit the jaws the most (using a picture from the movie for reference).

With brown face paint, outline and define the jaws.

Go over the brown paint with a light red to give the jaws a meaty tone.

Fill in all of the empty spots between the outer and middle row of teeth.

Use a darker brown to define the space between the rows of teeth.

Sugar Plum Fairy Steps 04

Cover the eyelids with the dark brown paint.

Carve out the teeth even further with black face paint.

Use the black paint to create tiny lines from the teeth through the browns.

Line your water line and tight line with black eyeliner to conceal any skin tone in the eye area.

Add more black lines with black eyeliner.

Highlight the gums of each tooth with a hot pink paint.

Sugar Plum Fairy Steps 05

Fill in every tooth with yellow eyeshadow to age them.

With a flat, thin brush and brown eyeshadow create lines on the chin and forehead.

Apply a concealer that matches your skin tone around the wrinkles you created on the chin and forehead.

Fill in the center of the jaws with a mix of red and black paint.  It should be the darkest part of the whole face.

Sugar Plum Fairy Steps 06

Outline the mouth with red paint. Then, dry brush inwards onto the gums to create texture.

Highlight the other rings of gums with the hot pink and repeat the outlining and dry brushing to the remaining rings.

Outline the bottom of each tooth with black paint and add other subtle details to the teeth with a light hand.

Sugar Plum Fairy Steps 06

Stipple on white dots to random gums to give the mouth a wet sheen.

Mix fake blood and water over the red paint you added to the gums for added texture and shine.

Sugar Plum Fairy

Although we don’t need to completely rely on a ritual to save humanity, you can still unleash the monsters from the Facility like this Sugar Plum Fairy. If you recreate this makeup look, don’t forget to send us pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.

Don’t forget to check out Caitlyn Kreklewich’s channel for more tutorials from her!