Stapled Eyelids Makeup Tutorial


Pulling an all-nighter could mean one of two things. A: You are on an adrenaline-fueled party rampage and for that we congratulate you. Or B: You put off preparing for something until the very last minute. Hey, we’ve all been there. For all the procrastinators out there struggling to keep your eyes open while finishing up the last few slides of that PowerPoint presentation or cramming in a few more obscure facts that might be covered on that final exam, please don’t do anything drastic like staple your eyes open. Just don’t.

To prove our point we went ahead and tested the look out. Actually, if you want to impress, an SFX version of stapled eyelids could be the way to make your professor take notice. It is possible, though highly unlikely, they could mistake your utter lack of preparation for earnest dedication. But if nothing else, a false attempt at a medical emergency could be your last ditch effort to put off the inevitable for just a bit longer. But in order to get permission for a re-test you’ll have to follow this tutorial to make it look believable. Does more fake blood equal more sympathy and a better grade? Let us know.

Watch our video or follow the step-by-step instructions below to see how to stay awake forever.

Stapled Eyes Step 1

Apply the prosthetic with spirit gum or Pros Aide.

Stapled Eyes Step 2

Go under the edges with more adhesive and a cotton swab to fully adhere the appliance.

Seal over the edges with liquid latex to smooth the seam with the skin.

Use caution around the eye area.

Stapled Eyes Step 3

When the latex is dry, powder over it to remove any shine.

Cover the skin tone area of the appliance with makeup to match the model’s skin.

Powder over with translucent powder to set.

Stapled Eyes Step 4

Cover the eyelids with red makeup and bring the makeup onto the lifted lids of the appliance as well.

Stapled Eyes Step 5

Use a thin brush to add a bit of red irritation around the scrunched skin along the staples and eyelids.

Use watered down red makeup and a stiff bristled brush to flick pigment around the irritated areas.

Add fake blood to the inner lid area of the prosthetic.

Clean any extra makeup off of the staples.

Now that should keep you from nodding off for a while!

Stapled Eyes Final

So we hope you nail your presentation or ace that test! Whatever your #goals are, we wish you the best. If this look works out for you, we’d love to hear your story. Share your SFX pics with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.