Snakes. Slithering, legless reptiles that have been creeping us out forever. Throughout time there have been countless stories and cautionary tales warning of the deadly consequences of the scaled serpents. Eve fell to the temptations of the beguiling snake in the garden of Eden. The Egyptians idolized and were plagued by asps. The Greeks were frozen solid by Medusa. The Hindu god Shiva wore snakes ready to strike down his enemies. Let us not forget Nagini, the living horcrux of Lord Voldemort. But by all means, erase from your memory all traces of the cult sleeper, Snakes on a Plane.

They live eternally in lore, why not let them live temporarily on and in your face. We were inspired by some looks we saw while side-winding through the internet. So we decided to let a snake wander through our friend’s face. Watch the video or follow the steps below to see how we embedded a snake in a face.


Start by choosing your snake. The more light weight the snake the better the adhesive will hold it in place. We used silicone compound to add the raised skin around the snake. NOTE: If your snake contains any latex it will inhibit the silicone from curing. Test it before proceeding. Use “Nose and Scar Wax” as an alternative.

Trim your snake into small segments and decide on placement. Taper the ends of the snake to make easier to blend into the skin.

Use the skin adhesive of your choice (spirit gum or Pros-aide both work) to apply the snake to your face. Allow to dry completely.

Snake Face Step 02

Follow label instructions when using silicone and DO NOT combine the two components of the compound in the jars as it will solidify.

Mix up a bit of compound and start applying around the snake. Work quickly and keep moving it into place with a wooden popsicle stick as the silicone starts to cure.

Spray a bit of Isopropyl alcohol onto the silicone and your fingers to start molding it with your hands. The alcohol will act as a barrier.

Use a rough sponge sprayed with alcohol to give the silicone a bit of texture before it completely hardens.

Snake Face Step 03

Use a metal spatula to scrape some of the silicone back to create the edge of the skin from where the snake is emerging.

Repeat the process of applying the silicone on the rest of the snake parts.

When all of the silicone has cured begin flecking watered down red makeup around all of the wound areas.

Now begin laying down makeup to match the skin tone.

Add fake blood to the wounds.

Snake Face Step 04

You can never add enough fake blood, right?

A little more flecking with red makeup will make the wounds look irritated.

Snake Face Final look

No need to start speaking Parseltongue to make friends with snakes when you could just become attached, quite literally. Share your snake charming skills with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.