We know work can be a real pain in the neck. Try working for a Halloween costume company during Halloween without losing your head! Luckily, we all love Halloween so much that we try to make it the favorite holiday for all of you!

So yeah, the Halloween season can be stressful but we have a lot of fun and creative ways to express that sentiment. With a little Spirit Gum, a prosthetic cut and lots and lots of blood, we’re able to fool people that we’ve lost it. Literally.

That’s the beauty of all the pre-made prosthetics we sell. You go from zero to a Face Off– level special effects makeup artist in just a few minutes. From slit throats zipper faces and other equally disturbing wounds, the principles are the same. And when in doubt just add more blood!


Prep the area where the appliance will be adhered with spirit gum.

Apply the appliance and use spirit gum to stick down the edges.


Sponge liquid latex over the edges and allow to dry.


Use a stipple sponge to add flesh toned makeup over the edges to help blend with the natural skin.


Fill the wound with fake blood- liberally.

We’d love to see some of our prosthetics on you! Make sure to use #WHCdoesSFX if you use one of our products to complete your Halloween look!



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