Though he was a menace in the original Ghostbusters movie and the first official bust in the containment unit, Slimer eventually became a mascot and friend in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. For a while, the Sedgewick Hotel employees could deal with his non-invasive haunting of their twelfth floor. Sure, he’s known for stealing food but Slimer was basically harmless. His activity level increased so who else were the hotel employees to call other than the Ghostbusters?  He became the face of arguably the best Hi-C flavor ever to exist and with the new Ghostbusters team breaking onto the scene, we’re also lucky enough to have Ecto Cooler back on our shelves. He is even rumored to make a comeback in the new Ghostbusters movie, and we wanted to help with his alleged resurrection and honor his spectral resurgence the best way we know how.

We put Caitlyn Kreklewich on the job, because she ain’t afraid of no ghost. And don’t worry, no one was slimed in the making of this video.

Slimer Step 01

Start by laying down a rough outline of the mouth and face.

Continue the outlinge down the sides of the neck and out onto the shoulders.

Add hands onto the end of Slimer’s short arms.

Slimer Step 02

Finish the out line of Slimer’s body on the chest.

Fill in the Slimer’s body with the same lime green on the face, neck, chest and shoulders.

Using white paint, draw in chunky teeth.

Slimer Step 03

Leave space between the teeth and fill in the gum areas with pink.

Paint the teeth with yellow and blend for a more gritty look.

Create a red circle from the upper part of the mouth.

Slimer Step 04

Use pink and black paint to give the tongue dimension.

Fill in the rest of the mouth with black. Also outline the teeth with black for definition.

Start outline the rest of Slimer’s body with black to give the illusion that he’s floating in mid-air.

Use dark green paint to add the details on his hands.

Slimer Step 05

Continue filling in the details of his body with the dark green mixture. Use a reference photo to see where you should lay down the wrinkles.

Draw in lines to enhance and exaggerate your natural features along the neck, chin and mouth.

Slimer Step 06

Draw a line along each side of your nose and curve it outwards right about your drawn-in mouth to carve our Slimer’s cheeks.

Outline your new mouth from corner-to-corner and accentuate your cupid’s bow.

Trace the lines up from your cupid’s bow up to the middle of the bridge of your nose.  Connect those two lines with the lines you drew along the sides of your nose with a horizontal line.

Shade the area right under that line, concentrating on the center to create a shadow.

Slimer Step 07

From the horizontal line, curve the sides upwards until they almost meet in the middle.  Draw a curve in the center of your nose to connect the two to create Slimer’s nose.

Furrow your brows to accentuate natural wrinkles around your eyes.

Add a white highlight to the center of the new nose you just drew on and blend with green.

Paint in nostrils with black.

Shade the area alongside your nose with the dark green makeup.

Slimer Step 08

Add more lime green to the area around your eyes.

With the dark green, line the area directly under your eyes.

Use the same dark green to fill in from the side of your nose, up to your brows and connect it on the outside of your eye.

Slimer Step 09

Draw in more wrinkles around the brows and on the forehead as necessary.

Use a black wig cap to cover and contain your hair.

Paint any skin not covered by the wig cap with black from the forehead and down the neck.

Slimer Steps 10

Continue filling in the rest of your body with black.

Slimer Steps 11

Carefully, pack your nostrils with pieces of cotton.

Paint over the cotton with the lime green paint.

Use black eyeshadow to completely color in the eyes.  Blend it out around the circles you created with the dark green.

Shade underneath the wrinkles with black to give Slimer’s entire body dimension.

Slimer Dance

Let’s not get our streams crossed.  As much as we love Slimer, we can’t guarantee the Ghostbusters won’t be called on you.  But with the hilarious cast from this month’s premiere, would you mind being hunted by those funny ladies?

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