Skull Makeup Tutorial

Skull Makeup Tutorial


Perpetually single and unfortunately immortal Mr. Reaper decided to take his mother’s advice and give online dating a chance. With so many online dating sites from which to choose, he knew he would have to write a profile to die for. But being so self conscious about his looks, he had to dig into the archives for his photo and he captioned it “me, in the flesh.” He traded in his long flowing black robes for something a little more fashion forward. Now he’s dressed to kill and still waiting!

Use a realistic skull prop or images online as a reference while applying your makeup.


Outline the bone structure of the skull with a makeup pencil to create spaces to fill in with black around the eyes sockets, cheeks, temples, nose, and chin.


Fill in the shapes with black makeup using a sponge or brush.


Fill in the rest of the face with white makeup, and use a brush to add a clean edge against the black areas.


Use translucent powder over the entire face to set the makeup.


Use a thin brush to paint some details around the face and blend in a few shadow areas with a sponge.


Loosely outline the teeth with thin black lines.

Use a medium brush with white makeup to paint teeth in the cheek hollow. Keep in mind, they should look like they are in shadow.


Add some extra detail to the lines that form the teeth and extra shadow or cracks as needed.


We made it simple and pin-able too.