SFX Rapunzel Makeup Tutorial

SFX Rapunzel Makeup Tutorial


The difference between fairytales and real life is that we don’t always get a happy ending. But that’s not fair, is it?

Kat Sketch, who is a artistic content creator on YouTube, knows a thing or two about not giving characters their happy endings. After we stumbled across her Disney Princess series, we knew that we had to help her keep the looks going.

From Cinderella’s run in with some shards of glass, Jasmine’s encounter with a tiger and Elsa’s bout with frostbite, we were excited to see what would become of Rapunzel, the star of the Disney movie Tangled.

And boy, we weren’t disappointed. Check out her makeup transformation below.

If you don’t know the story behind Tangled this look might not make sense. But there’s definitely a method to Kat’s madness! Rapunzel’s hair possessed magical powers and she stayed locked in a tower for many years. But when her hair is cut, the luscious blonde locks lose their magic and she’s left with brunette tresses. In this princesses case, someone went a little scissor happy to try to take her magical hair away.

We love this SFX look! What princess do you want to see Kat Sketch do next?

You can check out more from Kat Sketch on her Instagram or Snapchat, username “katsketch”!