It’s time to talk about something serious. Healthcare. At times it can be used as a political talking point (thanks Obama), but we’re not here to pick sides. We just want what is best for you, our beloved audience. Are you taking care of yourself? Besides the obvious frequent washing of hands and eight hours of shut eye, are you avoiding danger and risk? If you happen to have a high risk lifestyle, we hope you have prepared for that “worst case scenario” we all think could “never be me.” With the recent #WorldHealthDay and the upcoming #NationalHealthcareDecisionsDay we thought we would create this gory public service announcement.

If your kitchen knife skills backfire in your face, safety pins and a sewing needle aren’t the appropriate remedies. You could end up looking like this guy. And trust us when we say, those scars will end up as a daily reminder that you should have opted into your employer’s health insurance plan. We know healthcare is not cheap (thanks Obama), but the DIY methods you might be considering will most likely end up as some sort of skin eating disease. But we’ll save that for another tutorial.

Feel like trying out this traumatic look on yourself? Just watch the video below and we’ll show you how to jump ahead on the triage wait list.

Stitches step01

Stitches step02

Use a lengthwise roll of cotton coated in latex to begin creating a laceration.

Smooth the edges with more latex and additional cotton.

Lay another roll alongside the first with a little space between them.

Repeat the smoothing process and allow the latex to dry.

Stitches step03

For the other side of the face we used a prosthetic.

Use Pros Aide or spirit gum on the skin as well as on the appliance to adhere the wound prosthetic.

Smooth the edges with more adhesive.

Stitches step04

We trimmed our appliance and filled in the trimmed end with cotton and latex.

Stitches Step05

Use skin tone makeup to conceal the cotton and the outer edges of the prosthetic.

Fill in the wound you created with red makeup.

Stitches step06

Use a stiff bristled brush with watered down makeup to flick specks of red around the wound.

Using liquid latex, apply small pieces of dark thread across the wound to simulate stitches.

With a thin brush add a bit of dark makeup at the ends of each piece of thread to add to the illusion.

Use blood paste to fill in the wounds.

Stitches step07

Add some flecking around the prosthetic with runny red makeup.

Add more red makeup around the prosthetic wound to make it look more irritated.

Finish the look by adding a few drips of liquid fake blood.

Now let the recovery process begin and get well soon!

Safetypin closeup

Stitches closeup

See? We’re not doctors but in our professional opinion, this is nothing a few safety pins and sewing kit can’t fix. Right? Think your at-home surgeries are worth sharing? Share your SFX styles with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Stitches head turning