Warning: This post might make your skin crawl. We’d say we’re sorry but we’re not.

Some may say that “scary clown” is a little redundant.  I mean, the white faces, the painted on grins, the over-exaggerated features all make us wonder when clowns stopped being entertaining and started being terrifying. All it takes is the tiniest smudge of the makeup and the look goes from friendly to fiendish.  No matter how good his intentions or how entertaining the act is, that smudge strikes fear in our hearts.   Coulrophobia is a thing for good reason!


Start by covering eyebrows with eyebrow plastic or glue stick.


With a black liner pencil draw on an oversize mouth with sharp jagged teeth.

Use white cream makeup to start covering face.

With liner pencil draw circle around the tip of the nose.

Use white to cover the rest of the face leaving the area inside the black shapes uncovered.


Fill in the tooth shapes with white.

Dust the face with powder to set the makeup.


Add furrows to the brow with black and blend out.

Use black to paint on arched brows.


Use black to fill in the spaces between the teeth.

Outline the painted teeth with black to define the inner edge of the false lip.

Fill in the false lip with bright red.


Define the laugh lines with black and blend.


Paint diamonds over the eyes with blue and use a liner brush to drag some color into the creases.

Powder the entire face.


Add fake blood around the mouth for extra gore.

Grunge up the clown nose and wig with black makeup to finish the look.

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