Rita Repulsa Makeup Tutorial

For thousands of years, the Power Rangers have protected the Zeo Crystals that provide the key to life for the planets they exist on. Until one day, a green ranger on Zordon’s team betrayed them in search of more power. Her name? Rita Repulsa. Once a protector of life in the universe, Rita’s been twisted and changed by her desire for power and the ability to make and destroy life. She’s become extremely powerful and was able to wipe out her old team completely, save for Zordon himself. Now, she’s reawakened with a desire to find what she couldn’t the first time around.

The Power Rangers are tasked with stopping Rita and her band of putties, which is no easy task in itself. So when Rita calls upon the power of Goldar, a gigantic monster she creates from gold, things only get tougher. Rita is one of the most powerful people in the universe, and she proves to be more than a match for the newly-fledged Power Rangers. Our friend and collaborator Caitlyn Kreklewich put together this incredible makeup look of the former Green Ranger for you to enjoy!

Rita Repulsa Makeup Tutorial Step 1

Apply foundation and powder over to set the makeup.

Rita Repulsa Makeup Tutorial Step 2

Using a photo for reference, map out the raised ridges on the forehead and chin with foundation.

Add the illusion of depth by applying a light shadow along the lines you made with foundation.

Blend well but leave the edge a bit more crisp along the highlight line.

Rita Repulsa Makeup Tutorial Step 3

Contour the cheeks then add a swipe of foundation over the contour to add the ridge on Rita’s cheek.

Add the heavily winged eyeshadow in black.

Rita Repulsa Makeup Tutorial Step 4

Add a thin swipe of black under each eye and drag it back to the temples.

Use a bit of foundation to slightly cover the outer eyebrows, blending with your finger.

Rita Repulsa Makeup Tutorial Step 5

With metallic makeup start laying down Rita’s golden body art. The reference photo will come in handy for this step.

Slick your hair back into a high ponytail.

Paint Rita’s gold stripes right onto the hair and in between the gold stripes paint on a dark green.

Rita Repulsa Makeup Tutorial Step 6

Outline the gold markings with a thin black line.

Finish the look with a light pink gloss.


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