Replacing Urban Decay with a Zombie Apocalypse Theme Park


When a zombie apocalypse is preferable to the current state of a city what do you do? You transform it into a zombie resort and theme park. That is exactly what some people are trying to do with Z World Detroit. Their tagline is “Revitalizing a Detroit Neighborhood (with zombies). It is unfortunate that the urban decay of Detroit seem synonymous with decaying zombies but where else can they make it look like zombies have turned a neighborhood into a shambles without spending a lot of money. Instead of dressing up in  zombie costumes, you will be running for your life and you attempt to survive the night in a zombie infested city. But bring your zombie costume just in case, because anyone caught by a zombie, becomes one, then your mission changes to hunting down your friends and turning them into zombies too!

The once bustling and profitable Motor City has fallen into ruins over the years due to the long-suffering US auto industry that cannot compete with the foreign car industry. As a result, homes and businesses have been left to ruins, must the way a town would look after a zombie apocalypse.  Therefore, a brilliant team of people are trying very hard to make the zombie apocalypse a reality.

The Detroit project needs to raise $145,000 by August 10th in order to receive funding. Money will go toward demolishing old buildings and putting residents back to work. If you think this idea is crazy, think again. There are already theme parks devoted to zombie wars. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is an interactive haunted zombie experience encompassing 100,000 square feet of space which includes an area where you can shoot zombies with paintballs. Zombie Manor in Arlington, TX is another one. For zombie enthusiasts, any of these will be worth the trip although Z World will certainly have the grandest scale. It will also be a permanent theme park.