The winter holiday season comes around but once a year and if you’re like us, you can’t wait for it.  Besides the presents and treats, there are parties a plenty.  And if you’re exactly like us, you probably like dressing up.  Forget Santa suits or elf outfits, and be the guiding light at any holiday party as the cutest Rudolph around.  With a little bit of face paint and a whole lot of dramatic eyeliner, you’ll go from human party-goer to Santa’s right hand (besides the missus, of course).

Accessorizing is key with this makeup look.  You’ll have everyone fawning over you if you pair this makeup with a brown sweater and these antlers or these antlers.


Apply brown makeup along the tops of the cheeks.

Dust gold makeup as a highlight over the brown patches and blend well.


Contour with brown makeup to make the nose appear wider, close to the cheeks, along the sides of the nose. Lift and blend the color under the eyebrows.

Highlight with white down the center of the nose and up between the brows.

Sweep the same white powder under the eyes and blend onto the cheeks.

Set the makeup by dusting with powder.


Use a black liquid liner to line the upper and lower lid.

Drop the line down along the nose.

Sweep a thick and heavy line into a wing on the outer corners of the upper lid.

Line the lower lid connecting the line to the outer wing.


Add white spots over the brown patches.

Paint a deer nose in red and add glitter over the red makeup.

Use black paint and drop a thin line down from the center of the nose.

For a non-red nosed reindeer, use black makeup for the nose.


Paint a thin black line from your nose to cupid’s bow. Cover the upper lip in black.­

Now you are ready to lead the sleigh through any blizzard!


And you won’t have to lead the party on your own.  If you switch out the sparkling red nose with some black eyeliner or face paint, you and your friends can show up as all of Santa’s reindeer this Christmas.  If you try out this adorable facepaint look, share it with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.