Reagan Makeup Tutorial

The only thing scarier than the fact that Halloween is basically right around the corner is the fact that we were reminded of the movie that gave us so many nightmares. For some of us, it only takes the first few notes of the title song to make the hair stand up on the back of our necks and others need to get into the more gruesome scenes to really be creeped out.

But with Halloween on our mind, we want to get into the spirit. Who better to make us feel the tingling of a nightmare than poor little Regan. She never asked to be possessed, however she definitely taught us to never mess around with a Ouija board.

Being possessed by a demon isn’t exactly glamorous. That tan you’ve been working on all summer needs to go and be replaced by a sickly glow. You might have a naturally flawless complexion but for some reason having a demon inside of you causes some unsightly blemishes.

Rest assured, we can guarantee that this makeup look won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. So don’t expect your head to turn all the way around or your body to twist and contort unnaturally. We’ll leave all the freaky stuff to Regan.

Just add some split pea soup and you’ll look like you’ve been spewing your demons all over the place. Watch the video below to see how we transformed our model from pretty to possessed or follow the step-by-step instructions!

Regan Step 01

Start by blocking out the eyebrows with an Elmer’s glue stick or other brow blocking product.

Allow to dry and powder over them.

Regan Step 02

We used a thickened type of SFX latex to create Regan’s facial wounds.

Use a reference photo when smearing on the wound areas to mimic the movie makeup.

Allow the product to dry slightly then use the edge of a spatula to draw a cut into the wounds and add cracks to the lip.

Use your fingers to blend the edges into the skin.

Regan Step 03

Sponge white makeup over the entire face to create that demon-possessed pallor.

Use purple-red makeup on the upper and lower lids and blend out.

Regan Step 04

Alternating between sponge, brush and fingertips, add some blotchiness to the look using light layers of the same purple-red makeup. Work down onto the neck as well.

Apply haphazardly and blend any hard edges.

Regan Step 05

Now fill in the wounds with dark red makeup to create depth and shadow.

Go over the red makeup with a bit of blood paste in each cut.

Regan Step 06

For the final touch, use a tissue to dry your teeth and add yellow tooth color.

And that is how to mimic that signature rotting look demonic possession creates.

You won’t need to call a priest for an exorcism if you try out this makeup transformation this Halloween but we’d still like to see proof of your possession. Share your pics with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX!

Regan's Posession

Reagan Flipped Out