Red Riding Hood’s Revenge – Costume & Makeup Tutorial

Red Riding Hood’s Revenge – Costume & Makeup Tutorial

Red Riding Hood DIY Costume

Halloween.  It’s a time to dress up to dress up as someone (or something) you’re not.  Little Red Riding Hood is a story we’ve heard over and over again since childhood.  But what happens when Red gets tired of the Wolf wreaking havoc in her life?  Kiana Jones, aka Freakmo on YouTube, has imagined how things would play out if Red Riding Hood got her revenge!

Check out her video to see how she transformed into the fiercest Little Red Riding Hood around!

Modifying costumes is the perfect way to take one of our items to the next level.

As you saw in the video above, Kiana took this werewolf costume and worked her magic on it so it fit her needs.  Using her Visual Arts and SFX makeup skills, she turned the mask into a wolf head hood to wear as her trophy from the final battle between Red and the Wolf.

For the other items, our Little Red Riding Hood Costume and our ax prop, she roughed up and added blood because no one walks away from a battle so gruesome squeaky clean.

In addition to the modifications and makeup Kiana did to become her Red Riding Hood, she also used a Prosaide transfer wound that she shows you how to apply and remove in this separate video.  This is one way to create wounds that takes a bit of experience working with prosaide, but Kiana does an awesome job of walking you through the process while sharing her personal experiences with the product.

That’s it!

Little Red is a timeless character that has been and will be a Halloween staple.  But instead of being just another Little Red Riding Hood this year, take Kiana’s look and recreate it!

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