Purim Like Halloween but with a Twist


Chag Purim Sameach! A Happy Purim Holiday to you all. As the final two weeks before Purim approach, are Jewish friends are preparing for the most fun and festive holidays of the year. How could it not be fun – it involves COSTUMES!!!!!

For gentiles who need a lesson in Judaism 101, Purim is the celebration that commemorates the story form the Book of Ester whereby the Jewish people were delivered from the destruction of Persian Empire at the hand of Haman. The holiday  falls on the Hebrew calendar date of Adar 14 which varies each year. This year it is March 15th.

In the Book of Ester, Haman planned to kill the Jews but his plans were foiled by the king’s wife, Queen Ester, and her cousin Mordecai. This day was a great day for the Jews are is marked with feasting, drinking, celebration and the wearing of costumes and masks. Even though costumes are worn, it is very different from Halloween. During Purim, people dress up in costume and deliver food and gifts rather than going door to door to receive treats. The costumes give people anonymity to conceal the identity of the giver and protect the dignity of the recipient. But these days, it is just a really fun day for the kids and their chance to partake in the fun that is dressing up in costumes.

Adults love this holiday too. In addition to wearing costumes and seeing their children enjoy the festivities, it is a time of year for grown ups to enjoy various forms of merriment such as drinking and and eating treats in which they would not normally indulge.

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Happy Purim!