Pinhead Makeup Tutorial

If you’re someone with pins sticking out of your face, you probably shouldn’t know the difference between pleasure and pain like the Cenobites.  You’re basically a walking work place accident from Hell.  Literally.

Hellraiser created one of the first horror villains to break away from the stereotypes of the movies that came before it.  While the characters that incited so many nightmares were usually mute and/or shallow, Pinhead was quiet but articulate.  But he still wasn’t someone you wanted to make a deal with.

Every time an unsuspecting human solved the puzzle box, Pinhead and the Cenobites were able to travel to Earth to have a carnal experience.  Kirsty might not have known what would have been in store for her had she traveled back with the Cenobites, but luckily she had a bargaining chip that the creatures wanted more.  And that bargaining chip just happened to be her Uncle Frank.  Pinhead had quite the time on Earth, even trying to betray the deal he’d made with Kirsty but in the end, it was back through the portal they went sans the girl.  But if you’ve been following the franchise, you know it won’t be long until someone else solves the puzzle box.

This Halloween you won’t need a Lament Configuration to surface as the Hell Priest but you will need a makeup tutorial.  Our friend Caitlyn Kreklewich created a wearable Pinhead look that leaves behind any opportunity to impale yourself with nails or pins.  Follow along with the video or read through the step-by-step instructions below!

Pinhead Step 01

Apply a white face paint all over your face.

Use a stippling motion to cover the entire face before blending it out in circular motions.

Set the base with transluscent powder.

Stipple yellow and grey face paint to give the skin texture.

Pinhead Step 02

With red, create the horizontal lines across the face.

Use the same red to draw in the vertical lines. Make sure to not go over your lips or eyes with the red.

Pinhead Step 03

Mix black and grey eyeshadow to fill in the eye sockets.

Create bags under your eyes with black liquid eyeliner.

Use black eyeshadow to create wrinkles on the forehead, the brow, jowls, corners of the mouth and eyes.

Pinhead Step 04

Line the bags under the eyes with white to add dimension.

Pinhead Step 03

Draw on the pins with metallic silver face paint. Section the face into quadrants and use them as a guide to determine the angle of the nails.

Apply grey face paint to the bottom side of the nails to give them depth.

Use white eyeliner to highlight the tops of the nail heads.

Line the red cuts with fake blood.

Outline the nails with black liquid liner to make them pop off the face.

Pinhead Step 03

Inside each box, outline the edges with white face paint. Blend the white towards the red lines of each square.

With a light hand, add black eyeshadow into the center of each box in a circular motion to make the squares appear sunken in.

Glam Pinhead Resting Evil Face

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