Period Costumes for Summer Parties, Weddings & Festivals


There are several categories of period costumes, each with a varied assortment of outfits and coordinating accessories. The best thing about them is that it doesn’t need to be Halloween for groups of people to gather in costumes from different eras.


Many couples choose to exchange their vows in costume with guests joining in on the theme. We have sold costumes for many theme weddings over the years and here are a few examples:

  • Greek gods and goddesses – As Hera and Zeus, the bride and groom are set on a pedastal. They wear golden crowns of laurel, hers adorned with flowers too. Guests come in the toga costume of their choice.
  • Roman & Egyptian – a Cleopatra and Marc Antony themed wedding is one of real drama. Lets hope the marriage lasts longer than Liz Taylor and Richard Burton’s.
  • Renaissance – Renaissance and Medieval weddings, also known as handfasting ceremonies are very popular. The large number period costumes from this era make it possible to dress the bride, groom, bridal party and guests.
  • Gone with the Wind – Be a Southern Belle and a Southern Gentleman exchanging vows under an old oak tree, outside a beautiful plantation home. Civil War period costumes are wonderful choices, especially for the bride and bridesmaids.


  •  Shakespeare in the Park – Create a Midsummer Night’s Dream or the romance of Romeo and Juliet while attending an outdoor theater festival.
  • Ren Faire – Renaissance fairs go on for weeks at a time, all over the country. Attendees are encourage to dress in period costumes. Some of the most authentic dress I’ve ever seen was worn by workers at a Renaissance fair.
  • Revolutionary and Civil War Reenactments – From the blue coats and the red coats to the union and confederate soldiers, men have been costuming for war reenactments for decades. Period costumes are available for soldiers, leaders and ladies too.
  • Steampunk – Steampunk festivals are emerging everywhere. The look is Victorian era clothing with futuristic gadgets, goggles and pocket watches.

Themed Parties for Any Occasion

For birthdays, graduations, retirements and more, people are wild about the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Retiring baby boomers love the 50s and 60s parties with period costumes like poodle skirts and hippie costumes. The Disco era is popular too but not so much as the 80s craze that is going on right now.

So many types of costumed festivals are scheduled every summer but you can find an event near you all year round. Get all of your period costumes from ancient to modern times online at