Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive wrinkle creams that never show any lasting results? Here’s a guaranteed way to get rid of wrinkles forever. Draw them on first and they will simply wash away! Talk about instant results! Sure, you’ll have to put in some extra time getting old before you flip the Benjamin Button switch, but you will definitely seem younger by comparison.


Start with foundation for an even base. Use a sponge with a darker tone to add shadows that accentuate the bone structure.


Darken and blend under the cheek bone, in the temple, inside the eye sockets, under the jaw bones and lightly on either side of the forehead.


With a small brush, paint in the natural creases with a darker skin tone.


Scrunch your face to accentuate natural wrinkles for a guide to where to add more lines.


Use a lighter tone than the base color to add highlights between the creases & blend. With a ripped sponge, lightly stipple a pinker skin tone all over to create an uneven tone & flushed cheeks. Add liver spots with brown makeup and a thin brush. Go over with a flat sponge to press the makeup into the skin.

Kids these days are pinning stuff. You should too!