What did you think of the new Thor costumes?


When a comic book series makes it to the big screen, excitement abounds about how classically illustrated stories will be interpreted on the silver screen. And the critique of the films goes far beyond how true directors stay to the plot. Many times, the first details leaked from the set have nothing to do with the content, but the costumes.

You can always expect comic book enthusiasts to be ready with their critiques as soon as the films hit the silver screen. Making fictional characters real, using real-life actors offers directors and costume designers plenty of room for interpretation. This process was recently played out in the movie “Thor,” the latest blockbuster adaptation from the vaunted Marvel franchise.

The makers of “Thor” chose to outfit the god of thunder in an outfit that remained true to comic book form, donning actor Chris Hemsworth in the traditional armor and red cape, with his signature hammer. Hemsworth bulked up for the role to stay true to the behemoth reputation of his character.

Red-hot actress Natalie Portman was given the role of Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest. While the directors chose a more traditional interpretation of Thor for this film, Jane Foster is a brainy, yet becoming astrophysicist, even though she had been written as a traditional nurse in most of her appearances in the comics.

As those who follow comics-turned-movies know, this is not the first time a director has taken liberties with the portrayal of the characters. Here is a link to this page.

What do you think? Do you like what Kenneth Branagh did? Should he have stuck with the more traditional portrayal of Thor’s characters, or did he not add enough of a modern touch?