New Movie: Captain America


It’s been a long wait for those looking forward to “Captain America: The First Avenger” hitting the screen, as talk of production of the Marvel film began before the turn of this century. On July 22, audiences will finally be able to see whether the wait was worth it.

Of course one of the chief concerns among the waiting audience is what Captain America’s costume is going to look like. Now that photos have leaked, it appears that instead of going futuristic, the movie’s makers have chosen to make Captain America’s costume fit historically with the time in which the movie is set – World War II.

Chris Evans plays Captain America, who is created to aid the Allied Forces in their fight against Hitler, fascism, and the evil Red Skull. He’ll be wearing the prototypical helmet comic-book enthusiasts have come to recognize and will carry the signature red-and-white striped shield. His uniform will be made of thick cloth, similar to a World War II soldier’s uniform and his components will be housed in heavy leather belts and straps, as well.

The style used in the film will give costume-wearing super fans at the upcoming film’s premier plenty of options, as all characters’ costumes reflect both vintage reality and comic fantasy reminiscent of the time. Here is a link to puckish overexposure on this page. Even if you’re not planning on going all out and dressing up when the movie hits theaters, take note; there are plenty of good Halloween costume ideas to be had.