We’ve seen many different incarnations of the Joker in the DC Universe. And although his appearance changes from time to time, some things always remain the same: his obsession with Batman.

The white, clown face has become a face we’ve grown to know and fear over the years. It’s a face that not even the Joker himself is willing to let go of. So when Dollmaker cut the Joker’s face off, he just used a belt and some staples to reapply. Then, with his new old face, he starts recreating crimes from his past because everyone suspects he’s dead. While we opted for a less gruesome approach to our “New 52” look, we think the homicidal killer is still just as scary and intimidating.

He wants to rid to world of both Batman’s and his own allies so that they can each become the best and only hero and villain around. He even goes so far as to kidnap the entire Bat family to eliminate that safety net for Batman. But this Halloween you don’t need to go to the extremes to look like “The New 52” Joker.

We opted to create this look just using face paint but you can always add some liquid latex and blood to take the makeup to a grosser level. Follow along with the video or read through the steps below so that you can recreate this look.

New 52 Joker Step 01

Use a reference photo and begin mapping out the basic shapes of the look with white makeup.

Block out the eyebrows with a glue stick.

Start filling the larger area of white.

New 52 Joker Step 02

Use brown makeup to fill in the leather strap area.

Use red makeup to line below the white jawline avoiding where the straps will be painted.

Use the same red to outline the big stretched mouth and paint on the muscles.

Add variation to the muscles by using some bold red and some lightened red.

New 52 Joker Step 03

Paint on the big teeth with yellow makeup.

Using a very thin brush, add a black dot along the outside edge of the gums between each tooth and outline each tooth with a thin black line.

New 52 Joker Step 04

Fill in any remaining unpainted white areas.

Completely cover the eye sockets with red makeup.

Outline the mouth and outside of the mask with a thin black line. Avoid the strap areas.

New 52 Joker Step 05

Add depth to the mouth using light and dark red to create the shading and texture of the gums.

Use a touch of brown around the base of the teeth. Paint a few cracks onto the teeth.

New 52 Joker Step 06

Outline the red eye sockets with a thin black line.

Use silver makeup to paint the straps to the sides of the stretched out mouth.

Thinly outline the straps and muscles of the forehead with black.

Blend the outline of the eye sockets into the red.

Paint dark red vertical lines to add shading on the muscles of the forehead and cheek.

Paint vertical highlights to add dimension to the cheek  and forehead muscles.

Add thin black wrinkle lines onto the white around the mouth to mimic creased skin.

New 52 Joker Step 07

Add small silver staples and highlights to the leather straps- outline the staples with black.

Add more creasing to the white area. Use gray to add shadows to the wrinkles.

Paint white makeup onto the chest, neck and ears.

If the only thing you care about in the world is Batman, you’ve got more in common with the Joker than you think. Recreate this look for Halloween or at your next comic con and share the pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.

This look was executed by the lovely Meagan over at The Art of Beauty so don’t forget to check her out!

New 52 Joker