Celebrate #NationalMarioDay with Wholesale Halloween Costumes!

Celebrate #NationalMarioDay with Wholesale Halloween Costumes!

Matt Shanley

Since 1983, everybody’s favorite rotund Italian-American plumber has remained the same – Super.

Mario and his younger brother Luigi first captured the hearts of gamers 33 years ago, and they’ve been the talk of the Mushroom Kingdom ever since. There are a ton of ways that you can celebrate National Mario Day this March 4th, and Wholesale Halloween Costumes has a few of them for you right here!

Super Mario Bros. Costumes and Party Supplies


Whether you want to say “It’s ah-me! Mario!” or you’re just in the mood to tag along like Luigi, Wholesale Halloween Costumes has exactly the look that you’ll need to save Princess Peach from the King of the Koopas. Super Mario Bros. costumes are available for the whole family in a variety of men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes and styles.

Wholesale Party Supplies is also a proud retailer of licensed Nintendo party kits, including Mario-themed cups, plates, balloons, and pinatas, among other items.

Mario’s Post-It Note Mural

Super Mario Post Its

If you don’t think that we’re celebrating National Mario Day in our Wholesale headquarters, you’re as bonkers as Bowser! We created our very own version of the Mushroom Kingdom, perfectly pixelated with help from some colorful Post-It notes! Unfortunately, the pipe didn’t lead us out of the office! Click here to see the video!

30 Years of Super Mario Infographic

Super Mario Infographic

The folks at AdMob commemorated Mario’s special day last year, too! They put forth the effort to create this incredible timeline-style infographic, highlighting the past three decades of the iconic character and his evolution.

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