Unfortunately we’ve all witnessed an event in our lives that would make us want to gauge our eyes out from the funny to the horrifying to the NSFW.  There are just some things you can’t unsee not matter how hard we try.  Before you go being all dramatic, take a second to represent your feelings through makeup.  Everyone will be able to empathize with you when they lay their eyes on you.  And when you want to come back to the land of the seeing, all you have to do is wipe the makeup away.

Now don’t you feel silly for actually wanting to gauge your eyes out after seeing something like Mommy kissing Santa Claus?

There are plenty of techniques you could use to create this look so in this video you’ll see two variations.  With just a few supplies you’ll have two gaping holes where your eyes used to be.  But beware.  People won’t be able to unsee your gruesome face.


Start by rolling small worms of nose and scar wax and placing them in a ring around one eye.
Smooth out the edges around the outside of the ring to blend in with the skin.
Coat the wax in liquid latex.


For the other eye, tear bits of tissue in strips and apply one at a time using liquid latex.
Apply the latex to the skin and lay the dry strips on top. Coat each piece in latex.


Create a ring around the eye.
Use makeup to blend each ring into the natural skin tone.


Fill the inside of the rings with black makeup.


Add blood gel around the ring made of tissue to make it look scabby.


Add red makeup around the inside of the wax ring.
Cover the red makeup with blood gel.


Cut out two circles of window screen material and trim them to fit snugly inside the rings.
Tuck one piece of screen under the edges of the wax.
Apply more blood gel on the inner edge of the wax.
Apply the next circle of screen inside the ring around the other eye.


Apply fake blood around the rings. Allow some to drip for extra gore.
Bye-bye eyes! Welcome to a world of seeing no evil, or anything at all.

You might not be able to see anymore but we’d love to see if you try out this makeup look!  Make sure to share your finished looks with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  And even if you’re not testing out your SFX abilities to recreate this, we made some images you can pin to your Pinterest boards!