Belle of the Mardi Gras Ball

Belle of the Mardi Gras Ball


Mardi Gras comes but once a year, so it would be a shame not to look your best while you indulge!   Known for the foods, drinks, costumes and masks, Mardi Gras is quite the party holiday around the world.  The last thing you want to worry about on your day full of debauchery is whether or not your mask is going to stay in place.  That’s why we enlisted the help of our friend Caitlyn Kreklewich to teach us how to paint a mask right on our faces!

The Mardi Gras celebrations vary from place to place, but we hope you’re ready to go out with a bang.  Between the decadent foods, parades, parties and alcohol a-plenty, you’re going to want your hands-free while still concealing your real life identity.

For some, this is the last hurrah before entering the Lenten season so go forth and indulge.  And let us show you how to do it in true Mardi Gras style!


With a white eyeliner pencil, outline the shape you want your mask to be.


Take your face paints, and start drawing diamonds inside the outline of your mask.  Alternate the colors as you move across your face. Don’t worry about being too perfect; you’ll clean up the lines later!


Take some black makeup and define the lines between each diamond.

Outline the edges around your eyes with black.


With the same brush and black makeup, outline the rest of the edges around the mask.


Add a small dab of glue to the top of the mask and lay down a rhinestone gem.


Using purple, draw a winged line across the upper lash line.  Darken the line by added a thin black line as close to the lashline as you can get.

Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.


Shade the top of the eye hole and along the cheeks and bridge of your nose to give the mask a 3-dimensional look.

Paint a thin, gold line inside the black outline along the edge of the mask


Add some festive eyelashes with some eyelash glue to your top lashline

Apply glue to your forehead, above the rhinestone and lay down feathers that coordinate with your mask.


Finish off the look by adding lipstick.

Going out to celebrate Fat Tuesday? Show us your favorite makeup looks for this festive holiday of plenty! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Just make sure you don’t give up makeup for lent this year!