Mardi Gras Glitter Beard

Mardi Gras Glitter Beard


Beards aren’t a new trend.  Santa Claus has been sporting one for as long as we can remember.  There are Instagrams dedicated to beard appreciation and even dating sites that focus around the majestic facial hair option.  But it wasn’t until this last Christmas that another trend emerged: Glitter Beards.

Like the man bun (even the clip in version), glitter beards are a fad that grow on you. Why? Because glitter is forever. Glitter will infect your life. Glitter will haunt your dreams.  Growing a beard is the easiest step in this whole process because at least it’s not going to be a permanent fixture in your life unless you want it to be.  Or unless your a female and growing a beard is the hardest part of this whole thing.

Maybe you’re thinking there’s a time and place for glitter beards, and we’ll agree with you on that one.  So we decided to pair this flashy trend with one of the flashiest celebrations we know: Mardi Gras.  Whether you’re hitting Bourbon Street or throwing your own last hurrah before the Lenten season, there’s bound to be an overabundance of sparkly things.  There are beads, masks, costumes and more that will be sure to catch the light so why not your beard? Show everyone how committed you are to the Fat Tuesday celebrations by subjecting your manhood to be party of the party. Because have we mentioned that glitter is forever?

Continue reading if your beard is epic and flowing. If your beard is more corporate read this part.

The Best Glittering Method for Full Length Beards


You can glitter up your beard for any festive holiday. We chose the signature Mardi Gras green, purple and gold.


  • We had our hirsute model apply leave-in hair conditioner to give the glitter something to stick to.


  • Have the model tilt his head back and strategically sprinkle the glitter onto the beard. We knew we wanted three colors so we started in the middle. Leave the mustache un-glittered for now.
  • To help the glitter stick even better, we diluted the hair conditioner with water in a spray bottle and gave the beard a spritz.
  • Add glitter until it shines like the sun (or until you like the look- you can always go back to touch up bare spots).


  • Spritz more of the diluted conditioner onto the next section of beard.
  • Sprinkle more glitter. Make sure you get full coverage, but be careful the colors don’t overlap.


  • Repeat the process on the other side.


  • To finish the mustache, put a dab of conditioner on a plate with a small pile of glitter.
  • Use an eye shadow brush dipped in the conditioner, then in the glitter to apply the glitter to the mustache.

Now go and show the world your shine!

The Best Glittering Method for Short Beards


For shorter beards start with a makeup base and apply the glitter on top. Bonus! We found this method made less of a mess.

You will need:

  • Glitter or your choice
  • Cream makeup to match the glitter- we used this Witch Makeup Kit
  • A spatula or butter knife to blend the makeup
  • A plastic plate or palette
  • A flat brush to apply the makeup
  • A round brush to apply the glitter


  • Start with the middle of the beard. Use the spatula to scoop out a bit of makeup and smooth it into a soft paste on the plate/palette. Apply the makeup liberally with the flat brush.
  • Clean the brush with soap or makeup remover between each color.


  • Apply the makeup to the side of the beard, from the sideburns to the chin. Do not overlap the colors.


  • Finish applying makeup to the other side. We used the spatula to mix red and blue makeup for our purple.


  • Work with one color of glitter at a time. Put a small pile on a plate/pallette.
  • Dip the dry round brush in the glitter and press it onto the makeup. Work slowly until all of that color makeup is covered with glitter.

Tip: hold the plate below the area you are working on to catch any wayward glitter flakes.


  • Apply the glitter to the middle color. Don’t forget the mustache.


  • Finish off the other side and you are done.

Get out there and dazzle the world with your sparkle!


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