Now, there are plenty of amazing male makeup artists and RuPaul’s Drag Race dominates the TV ratings, but a lot of guys out there haven’t experienced the pleasure of getting all dolled up.  It is my firm belief that every man should have their makeup down once in their lives just to get a taste of what the ladies go through to get ready.  There’s no denying that guys like to dress up like girls for Halloween, but a lot of time they forget about the finishing touches.  Most times, when dressing as the opposite sex, guys tend to go the humorous route but with our help, they’ll be turning heads this Halloween season.

Guys, get ready to get fierce!  Our Male to Female makeup tutorial will have you feeling pretty in no time.


Start by covering eyebrows with eyebrow plastic or glue stick.


Using concealer, pat makeup to cover any stubble. Use the same concealer to cover any stubble on the neck and to brighten under the eyes.


Cover the eyebrows completely with concealer and powder over them to set the makeup.


Using a dark skin tone and a bright skin tone define the face with contouring techniques- line along the nose and under the cheekbones with the dark. Add highlights along the bridge of the nose and on the apples of the cheeks. Blend the two tones together.


Add powder over the entire look.

Use blush to define the cheek bones and minimize the jaw line.


With a thin brush paint on new brows using short small brush strokes. Choose a shade of brown that will match the wig or hair on the final look.

Use a skin tone highlighter under the brows to enhance the arch.


Finish with regular beauty makeup. False lashes will make the look more authentic.

Strike a pose and share a pic of your transformation using #WHCdoesSFX.



makeup_M2F wigs_M2F